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MLSA Land section provides the following services:

• Implement the National Land Administration Framework.

• Land Allocations and Approvals.

• Assess the Land Approval Requests submitted by Local Councils and give Approvals.

• Maintain the Records through Land Management System.

• Land Information Management System (Maintenance and Management)

• Establish a Land Information Management System.

• Collect, manage, and maintain Land Management Data collected from the Island Councils.

• Land Valuation Committee – Minimum Rate for Residential Land (Bandaara Goathi), Commercial Lands etc.

• Prepare land handover documents for ministries.

• Land Laws, Guidelines and Regulations.

• Help revise and improve the existing land laws, guidelines and regulations and identify the required changes
for smooth Land related dealings and assist the Ministry in revising existing guidelines and regulations.

• Ensure that Local Councils and other relevant departments follow the Guidelines and Regulations enforced
by the Ministry of National Planning, Housing, and Infrastructure.

• Land Related Issues.

• Assess and provide legal opinion on land conflicts submitted by individuals, and Island Councils